Konic 55″ HD LED TV + Sony Ps4 500GB + 2 Games + Gaming Headphone


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    The KONIC 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart Television offers stunning image quality and clarity thanks to new features that bring more quality into every inch. The PVR function allows you to save your favorite TV shows to the USB drives at any point. With three (3) HDMI ports, you’ll have a wide selection for DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray video games. This all at an incredible price. With Dual Tuner that you can easily change Freeview to either T2 or S2. With the ability to download applications like Netflix and YouTube you’ll never be bored.


    • Screen Size:55”
    • Screen Type: 4K UHD LED
    • Screen Definition: Ultra High Definition
    • Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160
    • Screen Aspect Ratio:16:9
    • 3 x HDMI
    • 2 x USB
    • 1 x Component Input
    • 1 x Headphone Output
    • 1240 x 710 x 260 mm (incl. feet) (W x H x D)


    Sony Ps4 500GB

    Sony is well known for their highly successful gaming consoles, like the PlayStation 1, 2 and 3. Each console has been a definitive leap forward in terms of gaming technology and graphics. The PlayStation 3 or the PS3 as it is more commonly known has been more successful than its predecessors thanks to the wide range of games available for it. The upcoming PS4 release is perhaps the most anticipated of all releases a gaming console has ever had.

    Connectivity Options

    You have the choice of USB 3.0 connections for controllers and accessories or you can go in for the HDMI connection that is necessary to connect the functional console to the display output, like an HD enabled Television. ThePlayStation 4 is well on the way to becoming one of the most popular new releases in terms of gaming equipment and peripherals.

    You can easily Buy the PS4 online after its release later this year. Connecting to the internet is simple enough, with anEthernet port allowing seamless internet connectivity. You also get a Bluetooth Connection which will help in pairing compatible accessories with it. The console also supports Wireless Connectivity for easy access.

    Memory Capacity

    The PlayStation IV comes with a hefty 500 GB Internal Hard Drive. This massive Drive is more than sufficient for storing all your online games and offline game saves. The more space available to the user, the more game saves and online copies can be stored in it.

    Graphics and Processing

    The PS4 is slated to come with a powerful and efficient Single Chip Custom Processor, mainly the Low Power x86 – 64 AMD Jaguar. You also have an 8 Core CPU. The GPU comes with a 1.84 TFlops clock speed. That is one of the fastest GPUs available for consoles thus far. The Next Generation Radeon Based Graphics Engine will help in rendering the newer games in far greater detail and clarity. You also get a GDDR5 8 GB Memory which will help in improving memory based functions like quick interface options and processing supported by RAM and a host of other features.

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