Responsible Leading

At HouseSmile we believe in lending responsibly to our customer. We will make sure we:

  • Assess the affordability of the customer by completing a robust income and expenditure assessment to ensure that the customer has an adequate disposable income to comfortably make the payments.
  • Ensure that all sign ups are verified by our verification staff
  • Ensure we act reasonably and ethically when customers suffer unforeseen hardship.
  • Ensure that our prices are fully transparent, providing clear information on weekly and total price of your purchase.
  • Ensure that the customer receives a comprehensive and adequate explanation process at the pre-contractual stage of their application.
  • Ensure that the customers are informed of the consequences of missing or making reduced payments.
  • Ensure that the customer is aware of their cancellation rights before signing our agreement.

Please purchase carefully and make an informed decision

HouseSmile want our customers to know it has their best interest instilled in its functioning. Our customers should make an informed decision when it comes to buying HouseSmile’s products. As you would have noticed already the prices of our products are not the cheapest in market, but we do offer our customers alternatives in term of delivery and payment options to best suit their needs. Our Layby model is best suited if you want to save aside for products close to its retail price and take ownership once you have paid them off.

Before you sign the agreement please make sure you can meet the financial commitment stated in the contract and are not making an impulse choice. HouseSmile does not want its customers to face financial hardship and will work with its customers if their financial situation changes. We recommend you always answer these points before making purchase:

  • Can you easily afford the weekly payments you are committing in the contract?
  • Do you understand the total price you will be paying for this contract?
  • Do you have any other major expense coming in the near future which will make it harder for you to pay off this contract?
  • Have you accounted funds for future uncertainties?
  • Do you have any further questions regarding this contract or any other option available to best suit your financial needs?

Our agents and customer service staff are trained to help you answer the above questions. If at any points you feel pressured or uncertain at the point of sign up, please refrain from signing up.

Please remember there will be a cancellation fee of $150 after 14 days of signing up.

Budgeting Basics

Budgeting is often seen to stand in the way of getting the things that you want. However, budgeting principles are applied well when then it can ease things for you and your family by reducing Uncertainty. Have an idea of your outgoings every week including your major expenses plus the ones which we often fail to include like Netflix subscriptions, gym subscriptions etc. Calculate your uncommitted income which will help you understand the “surplus” you have for your additional purchases.

How HouseSmile makes a difference

  • Ensure that our product pricing is competitive against other companies in our sector.
  • Treat all customers who get into financial difficulty fairly and compassionately, and work with them to provide solutions to their circumstances.
  • Exercise forbearance for customers experiencing financial difficulties.
  • Provide an easy complaints process that is accessible through our website.
  • Ensure that our customer is aware of their right to complain to the FDRS if they have a complaint that has not been resolved to their satisfaction.

Have a plan

Uncertainty causes stress and limits how effective you are as a parent, a team-mate or a friend. Proper budgeting increases cashflow certainty. Having an agreed plan can significantly reduce stress between you and the one you love the most.

A budget can help you identify exactly where you need to focus your financial resources. The way you can do more with less.

There a number of tools and resources available to you for budget questions and calculations. Below are some of them:

At HouseSmile we believe in being transparent and fair

  • Ensure that our prices are fully transparent, providing clear information on the Total Price and Final weekly payment to our customers
  • Provide customers with a Quarterly Statement of Accounts, detailing all of the payments made and outstanding balances.
  • Ensure correct information is provided to the customer about minimum delivery deposit this information is also verified by our CSR (Customer Services Representative) before approving customers purchase.
  • Ensure that the customer receives a comprehensive adequate explanation process at the pre-contractual stage of the Hire Purchase application.