12 Feet Trampoline


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Material Type : ‎Steel
Shape : Round
Maximum Weight : 180 Kilograms
Powerful Loading Capacity
For Better Bounce
For Maximum Safety
Easy Assembly
Suitable for ages: 6+ years


    The safety security combination is built around the trampoline. It’s a safety fence constructed from high-strength nylon. The safety fence blends with steel pipe flawlessly and is connected to the fence by a spring cover. It also closes gaps between mat and fence, creating the trampoline for exercise as complete unit, ensuring that children are safe and enjoy their time on the child trampoline.mini trampoline trampoline for children to exercise trampoline.Our trampoline is built with a frames made of stainless steel. The frame is made from the galvanized steel. It is durable and rust-proof and provide a an extended life trampoline for exercising. The T section connects the top rails securely and securely, and also give a solid base for the entire kid trampoline.exercise trampoline kids trampoline mini trampoline.

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